05.08.08: New album: Painkiller

At long last, Zerocrop returns with a brand new, full-length, 10 track album, Painkiller – the ultimate music for psychopathic states of mind. The new ten-track album is released on August 18th 2008 but is available to buy in the Shop right now. Having explored sex and drugs on Fucked and Ain't No W*nker, Zerocrop turns the spotlight onto violence. The album opens with the full length version of the single Die Screaming, available now as a free download for all subscribers to the Zerocrop mailing list, and while stocks last as a free, vinyl 7inch version featuring a remixed title track and an exclusive b-side, from the Shop. Die Screaming brings together a host of screamacious performers, who you can hear a cappella in the Scream section of this brand new website.

Album highlights include: the twin epics of London's night-time, Nightvision and Scum; the pedal steel ballad of self-harm Razors; the guitar driven, deadly and desperate Ugly; the Guantanamo inspired slow Latin sounds of Inside The Prison; and the doom-laden closer Evil. It also includes Don't Hurt Me, a reworked vocal version of a song originally written for milliner Justin Smith. The trademark Zerocrop sounds fill this album: preview all the tracks in the Painkiller section of the website. Painkiller is filled with disturbing drones, mashed up drums and layer upon layer of lush vocal melodies alongside tidal washes of pedal steel, menacing shards of guitar, eerie spoken words – all encased in an 8-panel digipak, designed by Philip Marshall. Furious, eerie, apocalyptic and downright frighteningly beautiful, Painkiller is the new Zerocrop album. Get your copy now in the Shop.