02.02.08: Music review: Die Screaming

A new Zerocrop single has arrived with a rather beguiling 7" sleeve. On listening to the a-side Die Screaming first thing in the morning, with its sampled screames and drone pad, I hastily fumble to flip on the b-side Still Love. Relief is achieved with its faux Led Zeppelin beat and loud discordant guitars. "You're treating me like shit, I love you for it" sings Zerocrop in a rather glam vocal. It's great! On returning to Die Screaming the whole experience is suddenly a lot more pleasurable. The song feels relaxing now with some killer lyrics about.... violent, frustrated love/hate... possibly? Or is it actually a song about George Bush and the likes? (How come there are so few protest songs nowadays when we need them?} Nice backwards bits too. It's not a classic beauty but IT IS beautiful. This single makes me realise the importance of having two sides. We have them on singles and vinyl albums but we don't have them on CDs and mp3s. Perhaps music is incomplete without two sides. Off balance and lacking another limb. Can't wait for the Zerocrop album. Mark Moore / QX Magazine