03.09.08: Interview: Gay Guitarists Worldwide

A review of the new album and an extensive interview with Parker and his brother guitarist Marlon Banjo can be found at www.roberturban.com describing in detail how the sounds of the album were made, Parker's attitude to songwriting, his influences and his feelings about being a gay musician. Many thanks to Robert Urban for this feature.

"Zerocrop's Painkiller is an important endeavor in rock music. In it, Parker ups the ante for all producers of computer-based, digitally recorded popular music. He creates modern, original, extremely well-produced radio-friendly songs whilst rarely resorting to the obvious - (No small feat in today's world of mostly über-formulaic drivel). […] I urge all radio hosts within reach of this review to air some Zerocrop Painkiller pop - ASAP!. You just might help propel this most-inventive of rock projects into the fame it rightly deserves." - Robert Urban, Urban Productions, NYC