01.01.00: First release: Ain't No W*nker

Ain't No W*nker is the first Zerocrop release, available on CDextra, from 1st January 2000, to coincide with the new millenium. Ain't No W*nker is a ground-breaking mashup of beats, tortured vinyl, guitars and voices recorded from gay telephone chatlines. The three music tracks are Ain't No W*nker, Six Foot Blond Hair Smooth and Into Really Hot Horny Fucking Raunchy Times Mate. I Want To Meet You. Also included on the disc is an interactive movie for your PC, featuring 40 online chatroom conversations and Zerocropped images of the men in question. (PC and Mac Classic OS). "Storming, atmospheric anthems. It rocks!" You can buy this Ain't No W*nker now in the Shop.