31.10.19: Zerocrop at Bandcamp

Happy Halloween. It's been a long time. Much has happened. Too much to tell. But now for your listening pleasure, all of the Zerocrop catalogue is available in digital and physical formats at bandcamp.zerocrop.com

11.10.11: Zerocrop Live at Worm Eats Bear

Zerocrop is playing live on 20th October at Worm Eats Bear, a special evening of performances by The Tapeworm, part of the Merge Festival 2011. I'll be performing selections from On Tape and Painkiller along with my merry band of hoodlums. Looking forward to seeing you.

01.10.10: Zerocrop On Tape: Out Now

Zerocrop is proud to announce the release of On Tape. This is a collection of four new tracks recorded specially for the very wonderful cassette only label The Tapeworm. Running for 30 minutes, the tracks are Dear Jim, Applesauce, << / >> and Resist The Devil On Tape, four new numbers that reference tape recordings as their subject matter, all wrapped up in a trademark Zerocrop haunting vocal and electronic reverie. Read about the ideas behind this cassette release by visiting the Tapeworm page for On Tape. Zerocrop On Tape is a cassette-only edition limited to 250 copies. It is available to buy right now from the Touch shop.

10.09.10: Zerocrop live at Café Oto, London, 9.12.10

Zerocrop will be playing a live set in London at Café Oto on the 9th December 2010, as a guest of The Tapeworm during their very special live night Unleashed in the East. Also in performance: Philip Jeck, Randy Gibson, Cathi Unsworth. You can buy tickets for the event at the Touch shop. Expect to hear selections from Painkiller, Fucked and the brand new cassette-only release only from the Tapeworm - Zerocrop On Tape. Looking forward to seeing you there.

10.09.10: Zerocrop live at The Tapeworm Comes Alive, Utrecht, 28.11.10

Zerocrop is delighted to be playing a live set at The Tapeworm Comes Alive on 28th November 2010. Expect selections from Zerocrop's forthcoming cassette for The Tapeworm which will be called "On Tape" and will be released later this year. Also in performance: Leslie Winer, Leif Elggren, Ananizapta. Click here for more details.

10.09.10: In memory of Chris Mitchell

The wonderful Chris Mitchell, whose beautiful voice can be heard on So High on the Fucked album, passed away in July 2010. Chris will never be forgotten by his friends. We miss him. Click here to download So High.

05.03.09: Zerocrop live at Baraclough album launch

Zerocrop is delighted to be playing a short live set this month on March 28th at the launch party of the debut album by Baraclough. The party takes place at The Flea Pit, Columbia Road, London from 8pm till midnight. Expect more selections from the fantastic new Zerocrop album Painkiller. DJ in residence for the evening will be Zerocrop designer and occasional backing vocalist Philip Marshall.

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